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The Adventure

I was travelling across the Pacific ocean while on a plane.As I was watching out the window suddenly the trees were growing.I didn't know what happend but i woke up on a strange, small island.I had no idea where i was but the plane had gone and so had the people?

So I started to walk slowly into the wet,green jungle.I was a little worried but i walked in.When it felt like i was in the middle of the jungle i heard a scary squeaky noise.I tried to yell for help but my mouth was dry from the salty sea water.So i started to loo for water but within ten minuets of walking i was lost!

The Island

Thursday 16th March 2012. As my plane was 22000 feet high in the air. I heard a massive bang on the plane and it woke up passengers and making them scram. Our captain starting speaking on his radio saying "this is your captain speaking Our first and second engines have lost power" then his radio cut out. it happen again another bang happen again.There were  masks falling down telling  us to 

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